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Search Engines: Submission to 1158 search services by "professional Internet promoter"?
Posted by Markus Paulsen on 07 February 2011 17:12
It is your aim to register your website with as many search engines as possible? In this case, all the offers by free or fee-charging promoters must be very tempting...

The Internet is very much like "real life": there are many offers out there that relieve your purse without doing anything else for you! This is particularly true for all web promoters that promise to register your website with hundred if not thousands of search engines.

Do not get lured by promises such as "Registration with 1158 spider engines by professional web promoter"! How could the "web promoter" know 1158 spider engines if there are much fewer in the world? Here, like is not compared with like. On the Internet, there are thousands of so-called free-for-all link lists and that is what most of the above 1158 "spider engines" appear to be. Registration in such lists is of absolutely no value to you and might even irreparably damage your image!

Dubious promoters bank on the ignorance of their customers. Please also read the interesting article of a search engine company.

There are three groups of such "web promoters":

  1. providers that offer registration "free of charge": here, there might be no money involved but you nevertheless often pay a price: you must place the promoter's ad banner (or other links) on your site. Some offers are advertised as "free", but actually charge a fee in the end.
  2. Web promoters that are targeting "quality": their services are not free. Most promoters also submit your site to a few real search engines, but also include it in useless FFA lists.
  3. Promoters that offer free services but actually only intend to sell you something else and normally register your website only in numerous FFA lists.

Some promoters actually tell you that the registration is very time consuming that, as they do not charge money, it is only "fair" that you accept their banner! This rather sounds as if the poor fellow was spending hours in front of his computer submitting your website manually to search engines. The reality is very different: if the website is atually submitted at all, this is done by means of scripts or programs, and takes not more than a few minutes.

Particularly clever promoters promise you that they will improve your website so that it will always appear on the first page of a sarch result. This sounds rather tempting, as it is a known fact that the first 20 matches get all the attention, even if a search result page is hundreds of pages long. However, there is nobody in the world who could actually manage this! All that is possible is to try to get the best possible ranking for a website by using all legitimate methods and tricks combined with a thorough knowledge on the particularities of a specific search engine. However, whether this "ranking optimization" brings your page to position 1 or position 1,230 is impossible to predict.

Such dubious offers are again normally combined with the request to place their banner on your site. All that is achieved is you ending up carrying free advertisement for the "promoter" without receiving anything valuable in return! It is often the case that these "promoters" don't bother registering your website at all(although they might even send you a log). Alternatively, they might only add you to useless free-for-all link lists. Also, there is a real danger that your website will be banned by a search engine as a result of multiple submissions carried out by such a free "promoter". The submission of your website is such an important element of a successful presence on the Internet that it is imperative that you are at all stages in full control!

The best protection against dubious offers is common sense! Whenever you come across "free super offers", ask yourself why a person would work free of charge for you!