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I upgraded to the latest version of Password Depot. How can I use the password lists created in an older version?
Posted by Markus Paulsen, Last modified by on 07 February 2011 17:12

Password Depot saves your passwords in encrypted files with the file extension .psw.

How to open your old password lists in the current version:

  1. Uninstall the old version of Password Depot (don't worry, your passwords won't be deleted).
  2. Install the current version.
  3. Open your saved password file through File Manager (CTRL + ALT + o) > Browse....

That's all! Now you can start working with the latest version.

Please note:

  • Unless you didn't change the default settings, your password files are stored in "\Documents\Password Depot".
  • Password files that were created in an older version of Password Depot can always be opened and edited in a higher version. For example, a password file created in Password Depot 5 can be opened in Password Depot 10 without problems.
    But it doesn't work the other way! You can't open a file that was created in Password Depot 10 in an older version (e.g. Password Depot 3). That's because the file format is changed and extended constantly and therefore can't be read by older versions anymore.
  • Since the file format of higher versions can't be opened in older versions, we recommend saving the old file in a new directory after you opened it the first time. Click on File > Save as and select a new directory (e.g. "\Documents\Password Depot\".