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Certain program areas are not displayed properly!
Posted by Markus Paulsen on 07 February 2011 17:12

Under certain conditions it happens that files seem to have been "disappeared" or are not displayed properly on your local systems or on your ftp-server. In case restarting your system or maximizing the concerning program area with the help of your mouse could not resolve the problem, please try the following in order to reset the display of your panel and your toolbar:

Version 6:

  • Open the Registry-Editor
  • Delete the complete key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AceBIT\WISE-FTP 6\Forms\Main\Toolbars

Version 5:

  • Exit WISE-FTP
  • Open the file wisefto.ini (is located in the WISE-FTP program directory)
  • Search for the line DirTree1_Height=0
  • Change the line to DirTree1_Height=100
  • Change the next line from tvFTPDirs_Height=0 to tvFTPDirs_Height=100
  • Save the file and restart WISE-FTP

Your directory tree should now be displayed properly on your local system or ftp-server again.