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How do I use my password file via an Internet server?
Posted by Markus Paulsen, Last modified by on 07 February 2011 17:12

You will need FTP access to a webserver, so that you can upload your password file.

You have two possibilities:

  1. Create a new password file for using it on the Internet
  2. Upload an existing password file for using it on the Internet

How to create a new password file

  • Click File/File Manager and choose the Internet server tab.
  • Now click the Manage Servers button
  • Click Add

Fill in the fields of the dialog window Internet server profile as follows:

Protocol: Two protocols are available, FTP, HTTP, SFTP, HTTPS, FTPS and FTPES. HTTP and HTTPS allows to read a password file, but not to change it. In this example, we will therefore choose FTP.

Host: Enter the host name here, as you would enter it into your FTP client. If your webserver is for example, just enter here.

Path: Enter the path of your file on the FTP server here. It is not (always) identical to the path which you enter into your browser. Example: If you log into your webserver with your access data, you will access a start directory (which one depends on what the administrator set up for this FTP account).

If you would like to save your password file on a path /mywebsite/data/passworddepot/ this path has to be available from your start directory.

User name and password: The access data of your FTP account (you will normally receive them in the control panel of your provider or from your administrator).

  • Now accept your entries by clicking OK. Also click OK in the dialog window Manage Internet Servers.
  • The server profile you just created should now be selected in the dialog field New password file. Here you can enter the designated data for creating the new password file as a next step.

How to upload an existing password file for using it on the Internet

If you would like to use your already existing password file via the Internet in the future, so that you are able to access it from wherever you are, please proceed as follows:

  • Transfer your password fle with your FTP client to the according FTP server.
  • Set up the same server in Password Depot as described above
  • If you go to File/Open afterwards, choose Internet Server there and click Refresh, you should be able to see and select your password file.