Knowledgebase: Password Depot
How can I pass data to an application like putty and log in automatically?
Posted by Markus Paulsen on 07 February 2011 17:12

With Password Depot you can launch an application and pass parameters in case the application supports parameters.

The correct procedure for putty is:

  • Create a new password entry.

  • Enter your log-in data into the "password" and "user name" fields as usual.

  • Into the "URL/File" field enter the path to putty or select it by clicking the icon next to the input field.

  • Now open the "Additional" tab.

  • Into the field "Open local file with command line parameters" you need to enter the following:

    <USER>@12.345.678.123 -pw <PASS>

    ("12.345.678.123" has to be replaced with your IP address)

If you now select the new entry in Password Depot and click F5, putty will open and you will automatically be logged in with your account.