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The auto-completion via the browser add-ons does not work
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First of all, please make sure that you have installed the (current) addons! You can install them at any via these URLs:

Add-on for Firefox and Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer, reinstall Password Depot to install the IE add-on.

If the problem persists, check if the autofill does not generally work for any website, is faulty, or if the problem only affects specific pages. Correspondingly, you will find below a number of notes that you can follow:

1. The auto-completion via the browser add-ons doesn't work on ANY website

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Password Depot. If you are using an older version, you should upgrade to the current version.
  • Have you uninstalled a previous version while the current version was already installed? In this case, the add-ons were probably also uninstalled.
  • Are you using one of the supported browsers? Currently we support the three most popular browsers with auto-completion: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Is the Password Depot add-on installed and activated in the browser?
  • Make sure that Password Depot (main program) is running, and that the password file is open and unlocked.
  • Is Password Depot installed locally on your computer? Automatic filling in via browser add-ons does not work if you run the program via a USB stick.
  • Your database in Password Depot must be open and the program unlocked.
  • The function for filling out web forms through the add-ons in Password Depot must be activated. You can find this function under Options > Browser > Autofill web forms using add-ons.
  • Is a modal dialog box open in Password Depot (e. g. the Options dialog box)? If such a dialog box is open, it blocks the application and prevents the addon from running.
  • The URLs of all entries must be in canonical form, i. e. they must start with http:// or https:// (e. g."") instead of "".
  • For the password entries, not only store their default URLs, but also URL masks. For example, do not only store the standard URL, but also the URL masks * or *myserver*.
  • Close Password Depot and rename the configuration file pwdepot.cfg (e. g. 123pwdepot. cfg). You can find this file in the settings directory, which you can reach most easily by clicking on Help > Settings Directory in the menu. Then restart the program and check if this has corrected the problem. If so, please send us the renamed file.
  • For Password Depot Enterprise Server users: Make sure the useage of browser add-ons was not disabled by the admin in the server's policies.

2. The auto-completion doesn't work on an INDIVIDUAL website

Note: Not all forms can be filled by the add-ons. This can either be due to faulty coding of the login form on the website or because the webmaster of the website used certainmethods (e.g. JavaScript) to block automatic completion of the login fields.

Hint: The function "Auto Complete" (flash icon or F6) always works and can be used as an alternative if necessary.

You could still check the following:

  • Ignored Websites: Make sure the URL is not in the list of Ignored Websites.
    Click on "Properties" (CTRL + i) > "General" > "Ignored websites" to check the list. If the URL is in the list, select it and remove it.
  • Advanced Properties: Select the password in Password Depot and click "Modify" > "Additional" and make sure that the option "Use entry with browser add-ons" ischecked.
  • Auto-Complete Method: Change the input method and try again.
    Click on "Modify" > "Additional" to change the "Auto-complete method" (e.g. to Keyboard input simulation).
  • Default URL: Make sure you entered the correct URL and it doesn't include any session IDs.
    Click on "Modify" > "URLs" to check the default URL.
  • URL Mask: Define URL masks to cover multiple pages of the website.
    Click on "Modify" > "URLs" and use the second text input field (above the "Add" button) to add a URL mask (e.g. **). By using the asterisk wildcard you can cover multiple pages.
  • Enter your access data manually and check whether Password Depot opens and suggests the creation of a new password entry. If this is not the case, there is a problem with the website in question. However, if Password Depot appears, you can create a new entry and delete the old one.

3. The auto-completion is incorrect or incomplete

Should such problems occur, it may be related to changes on the relevant website. To do this, open the relevant entry in Password Depot (right click and then "Modify") and go to Additional in the dialog box. There you will find the function "Update web form data". Open it and use Draq & Drop to fill in the data once in the correct place. Then save the new data. Now the automatic login should work again at the next call.