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How to import passwords from the Password Manager in Firefox
Posted by , Last modified by on 18 February 2013 11:42

In order to import passwords from a different password manager into Password Depot, you usually have to export your original password file to CSV and import this file afterwards to Password Depot.

Because Firefox doesn't have an own export function for passwords, you need an additional add-on called "Password Exporter":

1. Download the Firefox add-on from the following URL:

2. Go to Settings > Security in Firefox. 

3. Click on the new option Import/Export Passwords.

4. Export your passwords to a CSV file. 

5. Open Password Depot. 

6. Either create a new password file or open an existing one.

7. Click on Tools > Import Wizard.

8. In the drop-down menu under Import Format, select CSV Files.

9. Click on Browse... and select the file you created in step 4 and click on Next.

10. Match the input fields of Firefox Password Manager to the fields of Password Depot. If your password entries from Firefox Password Manager contain additional fields, these must be added manually to PWD.