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What is the difference between PSW and PSWX files?
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IMPORTANT: The format pswx is obsolete, and you should not use it anymore! Since version 9 you can use the format PSWD which is cross-platform! You can use PSWD on any device without conversion.
This article is obsolete and only left for reference!
PSWX is a cross-platform version of Password Depot data file. In contrast to the conventional PSW data file, which was developed to work on local computers under MS Windows, the PSWX must provide compatibility between different platforms and operating systems. Furthermore, it shouldn't require too many hardware and network resources (particularly important on devices with weak processors and Internet connection speed).
The PSWX uses the XML format with and consists of an unencrypted informational header and the encrypted data section, while PSW is an entirely binary data format. Both formats use the AES-256 encryption algorithm.

The main restrictions of the PSWX data format are the following:

  • Attachments: password entries can't have attached files.
  • History: old versions of the entries are not stored in the file.
  • Custom icons: only standard icons can be used for password entries.
  • Authentication: external key files are not supported. Authentication works only with the master password.
Password Depot Server can use only PSW data files.