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100% CPU utilization
Posted by AceBIT GmbH, Last modified by AceBIT GmbH on 22 October 2018 10:02

This problem occurs reproducibly if you are running the server of version 11 and a client (e.g. Android) with an older version (e.g. 10) tries to connect to the server.

Please make sure that all clients are using the same version as your server.

If this does not solve your problem, please check one of the following possible error sources and contact our support:

1) Journal

Please check the system events in the Journal Viewer: Control Panel\All System Control Elements\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer

Has Password Depot reported any problems here?

2) Duration

How long does this CPU usage last? Normally PD Server performs a backup and validation of all databases after startup, which consumes some CPU resources and can take some time depending on the total size of the databases.

3) Backup

Please also make sure that the backups are in the local system and not on a network share.

4) Migration

If you have recently migrated from a PD Server 6, please make sure that all databases have been converted correctly. We recommend opening all databases in the client of the current version 11.x when the server is stopped and saving them again in pswe format.

5) Certificate

Do you use a certificate that may be faulty and cause these problems? Or have you configured the server for the certificate, but forgot this for the clients (->Options -> Network)?

6) Optimization

Please consider cleaning up and optimizing the databases once. This is particularly useful if they come from very old versions. The instructions can be found here:

7) Client settings

Please try to reset the client settings by deleting or renaming the file pwdepot.cfg (-> Help -> Settings directory)

8) AD Synchronization

In the Server Manager under Server Options -> Additional check the option "Automatically run synchronization with AD every n minutes". If this option is activated, we recommend a high value, e.g. "1140".