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How to Export local password database and upload to Cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) using MacBook and access from IOS or Android device.
Posted by AceBIT GmbH, Last modified by AceBIT GmbH on 25 November 2018 15:54

1. On your MacBook, Launch Password Depot and export the password database (*.pswe) and save it to your desktop for easy access.

2. Login to your cloud storage (In this example we use OneDrive). If you are using OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox the file needs to be saved to the following path below :

It is highly recommended NOT to create these folders manually but login with Password Depot from your MacBook and let the application create the corresponding folder if it does not exist. This is especially important for Google Drive, which allows the existence of several folders with the same name created by different users and of different versions.

  • Dropbox: \Apps\Password Depot\

  • Google Drive: \Password Depot\

  • OneDrive: \Files\Documents\Password Depot\

3. After signing-in to OneDrive desktop app, Launch Firefox or Chrome and go to and sign-in and navigate to \Files\Documents\Password Depot\ and upload your password database (*.pswe)

4. Once uploaded, the password database (*.pswe) saved in your cloud storage should be accessible on any device with Password Depot installed.

You can follow the steps below :

  • Step 1. Launch Password Depot from your preferred device.

  • Step 2. Tap on Database Manager then tap Menu on the upper right and choose preferred cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox) and connect.

  • Step 3. Choose your password database (*.pswe) and you should be able to access all your passwords.