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I get the Socket error #10060
Posted by Markus Paulsen on 07 February 2011 17:12
This error is not directly caused by WISE-FTP, but mostly occurs because either

a) a Firewall stops WISE-FTP from connecting to the Internet

b) there is a problem with the Names Resolution or because of

c) improper routing in your network implementation.

Please try the following:

- Ensure that a connection through your firewall is possible for the program. Configure it in such a way that it does not block WISE-FTP (WISE-FTP needs to be able to access the standard ports 20 and 21). If necessary, add wiseftp6.exe to the list of accepted programs.

- Try to connect to other FTP servers to find out if a connection is blocked from the start.

- Check whether you have entered your server address in the correct way, that means (without any www or http). Try to enter the IP address instead of your server address.

- Try to use Active mode instead of Passive mode. You can change this setting in the "Site Manager" before connecting by unchecking the Passive checkbox.

- Go to Options->Preferences and choose Connection and Transfers. Then increase the Connection Timeout to for example 100 seconds.